Gaelic Language in the Primary School (GLPS)

Gaelic Language in the Primary School


Gaelic Language in the Primary School (GLPS) is similar to the Modern Languages in Primary School (MLPS) program. English-medium primary teachers have the opportunity to undertake training to teach pupils simple Gaelic and about Gaelic culture. GLPS is normally taught to pupils in P5, however in some cases it is offered throughout the school.

There will be further opportunities to teach Gaelic Learners under the 1+2 Languages policy. Click here for more information.

A number of authorities now offer GLPS. Certain local authorities have training schemes and there is also a consortium of local authorities who organise an annual training programme.

If you’re interested in GLPS, contact your own local authority in the first instance.

Some teachers who undertake the GLPS training programmes find they wish to learn more Gaelic, and there are opportunities and courses designed for teachers wishing to improve their skills.