Transfer to Gaelic Education

Teacher in Gaelic Classroom

Transferring to Gaelic Education

If you already are a fully-qualified teacher and wish to transfer to teaching in Gaelic, there are plenty of opportunities and support available for you to do so.

Whether you are: teaching in Primary or Secondary; wishing to teach Gaelic learners or through the medium of Gaelic; already fluent in the language or looking for ways to improve your language skills, there are a number of courses - some of which have been specifically designed for teachers - available to assist you.

If you wish to make the move to Gaelic-medium Education, it would be useful for you to spend some time getting to know the Gaelic Educational system and it may be of benefit to you to observe Gaelic-medium education in action as part of your Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL).

Certain local authorities all? arrange Gaelic-specific courses for their teachers. If you are currently working in an authority that delivers Gaelic-medium Education, GLPS, or has a Gaelic Language Plan, it is worthwhile discussing opportunities for Gaelic career development with them.

View the Routes to Transferring to Gaelic-medium Teaching here.