University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

MA Gaelic And Primary Education

Edinburgh University offer two programmes designed specifically to fit the needs of the Gaelic-medium Education sector:

  • MA Honours Gaelic and Primary Education (Fluent Speakers) - A four-year programme for students who have a Higher qualification in Gàidhlig or Gaelic
  • MA Honours Gaelic and Primary Education (Learners) - A five-year degree programme for which no prior knowledge of Gaelic is required. During the course, students have the opportunity to gain fluency in the language whilst studying towards their teaching qualification.

These programmes include two key features unique to the University of Edinburgh:

  • a year-long placement that combines both Gaelic-medium and English-medium settings;
  • dedicated courses on bilingualism and bilingual education, with a focus on Gaelic and Scotland

For more information about the course and entry requirements click here or contact Jim Whannel  or Fiona O'Hanlon fiona.o’